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Some states maybe experiencing shipping delays due to COVID-19
Some states maybe experiencing shipping delays due to COVID-19

Yates Seed Raising Mix 6L


An ideal mix with added fertiliser to boost seedling growth. Ideal for seedling trays. Suitable for vegetables, flowers and herbs.


  • Yates Seed Raising quality mix is specially formulated for raising seeds
  • The mix has added fertiliser to stimulate growth to give your seedlings the best start
  • The mix is suitable for vegetables, flowers and herbs and can also be used for propagation of cuttings

Download: Safety data sheet


  • Coarse sand
  • Composted pine bark
  • Mineral fertilisers

How to use

Yates Mini Greenhouse is ideal. 

Raising seed in containers:

Step 1: Fill the container with Yates Seed Raising Mix to 1cm below rim of container. Mix should be moist.

Step 2: Level and gently firm the mix.

Step 3: Space seed as directed.

Step 4: Lightly cover with thin layer of Seed Raising Mix.  Very small seeds, or seeds requiring light to germinate, may be simply pushed into the surface.

Step 5: Water with a fine mist so as to not dislocate or float the seeds.

Step 6: Place in a lightly shaded or dappled sun position.  Cover fine seeds with glass or plastic to help maintain even temperature and moisture.

Step 7: When seeds have germinated, remove the covering and move into stronger light and eventually more sunlight to harden off the seedlings.

Step 8: Keep moist but not wet and do not let dry right out.

Step 9: Transplant seedlings when they are big enough to easily handle or roots are starting to show through bottom of tray.

Propagating cuttings:

Successful propagation of cuttings requires warm, moist and humid conditions.

Step 1: Fill pot or tray with moist Yates Seed Raising Mix.

Step 2: Select fresh cuttings from healthy plants.

Step 3: Prepare cuttings and trim as required.

Step 4: Make a hole in the mix to required depth with a pencil or similar.

Step 5: Dip cut end in Yates Cutting Powder.  Insert cutting into hole and firm around it gently.

Step 6: Water well and allow to drain.

Step 7: Enclose in plastic or glass to maintain humidity and warmth.  Avoid the cover touching leaves.

Step 8: Place in a warm position and good light but not direct sun.  Keep moist but not wet.

Step 9: When roots have formed, remove cover and harden off gradually. 



  • This product is made from organic materials, including composted pinebark, and contains living organisms, including bacteria, fungi and protozoa. May also contain mineral and fertiliser additives
  • Avoid contact with eyes and skin
  • Avoid breathing dust and/or liquid mists (bioaerosols)
  • Wear suitable protective clothing and standard duty gloves (AS/NZS 2161.2). If exposed to dust and/or liquid mists, also wear dust resistant eye protection (AS/NZS 1336) and particulate respirator (AS/NZS 1715 and 1716)
  • Wash thoroughly immediately after handling. Wash work clothes regularly
  • Clean up by wet sweeping or vacuuming
  • Store this product in a cool location
  • First Aid: Irrigate eyes with plenty of water for 10 minutes.  Wash skin with soap and wtaer.  Seed medical attention for any persistent skin, eye or respiratory symptoms.
  • Disposal: Follow above safety precautions and collect in containers. Refer to the Safety data sheet for this product which is avialable from Yates.