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FREE SHIPPING when you spend $25 or more

Sweet Pea Pixie Princess Dwarf

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A truly dwarf variety that will brighten your garden, window box or pots with a brilliant display of colourful blooms on sturdy stems. Flowers a little later than climbing varieties.


Full Sun.


Directly where they are to grow. Cover with Yates Seed Raising Mix, firm down and keep moist but avoid over-wetting. Select seeds of all sizes as seeds of darker coloured flowers are often small and shrivelled.


Choose a sunny, well drained position. Add Yates Thrive Granular All Purpose Plant Food and lime for quality blooms. Apply Yates Thrive Soluble Fertiliser when buds appear to improve blooms, which should be picked regularly to improve new flower growth. Protect from snails with Yates Blitzem.