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FREE SHIPPING when you spend $25 or more


Warning: This product can't be shipped to Tasmania due to strict quarantine restrictions.

Soft waves of dainty lavender flowers from early summer. A compact, hardy variety that's ideal for the perennial or cottage border, in walls, paving or rock gardens.


  • Perennial
  • Beds and borders
  • Attracts bees


Full Sun or part shade


Sow direct where they are to grow or into trays of Yates Seed Raising Mix. Firm down, water gently and keep moist but not too wet through the germination period. Transplant or thin out when 5-7cm high.


Choose a full sun or part shade position in well drained, sandy soil. Add compost and Yates Blood & Bone before planting. Water regularly and apply Yates Thrive Soluble Plant Food for stronger plants.


Cut back when leggy or after flowering to encourage fresh new growth. Makes an excellent groundcover beneath roses. Most cats enjoy rolling in this lemony, mint-scented herb.