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FREE SHIPPING when you spend $25 or more

Carrot Western red

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Warning: This product can't be shipped to Tasmania due to strict quarantine restrictions.

A long, smooth, tapering carrot. A very vigorous grower with excellent colour and flavour. A hardy variety bred for Australian and New Zealand conditions.


  • Excellent size
  • Superior colour and texture


Full sun


Direct in a sunny, well-drained position. Cover, firm down and moisten. Thin after 4 weeks. Sow successive crops at 4-5 weekly intervals.


Cultivate soil well before sowing as deep, well-drained soils give best results. Add Yates Blood & Bone to soil before sowing to help ensure a good crop. Protect from snails and slugs with Yates Blitzem.


Great companion plant for beans, coriander, cucumber, marigold, lettuce, peas, radish, rosemary, sage & tomato. To aid germination, maintain even moisture by laying a plank of wood over row. Remove after germination.