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FREE SHIPPING when you spend $25 or more

Rocket Wild


Wild Rocket has deep green, very serrated leaves that have a stronger flavour than standard Rocket. Pick young leaves regularly to promote fresh growth. Ideal for salads or garnish. Hardy and drought tolerant once established.


  • Quick growing
  • Peppery flavour
  • Abundant harvest


Full sun or part shade


Sow directly where they are to grow. Cover lightly, press down and keep moist.


Grow in sun or part-shade in a well drained position. Enrich soil with compost and organic fertiliser (such as Yates Blood & Bone or Dynamic Lifter Organic Plant Food) before planting. Apply Yates Thrive Soluble Plant Food at weekly intervals. Protect plants from snails and slugs with Yates Blitzem Snail & Slug Pellets.


Wild Rocket is a tasty and interesting addition to mixed salads. Remove flowers to prevent plants spreading by seed.